Stop By These Two Restaurants And Two Places To Visit In Beautiful Boulder CO

Whether you have already visited a few places to visit in Boulder and some restaurants or you are just getting started, you will enjoy the following recommendations. I am going to show you two great restaurants and also tell you about two places to visit that you will enjoy. These recommendations will help add to your adventures in Boulder CO.

Let’s start with a restaurant. Restaurant 4580 is a good one, said to be a neighborhood gem. Quinoa fritters, bison short ribs and salmon are just three of the popular menu items. The food is great, and so is the service, according to reviews. Plus, Restaurant 4580 features a nice outdoor dining experience if that appeals to you.

Now let’s look at one of the interesting places to visit in Boulder CO. Avery Brewing Company is located at 4910 Nautilus Court North, and there are two different tour options. You can take a self guided tour, or you can opt for the exclusive tour. Avery Brewing Company is said to feature 13 special aged beers, and it also has 30 beers on tap. The coconut porter is said to be one of the best.

Now it’s time to look at another restaurant, a pizzeria. Pizzeria Basta is located at 3601 Arapahoe Avenue, and you are talking about pizza cooked in a wood fired oven. Short ribs, mashed potatoes and donuts are a few other menu items, so you know this pizzeria isn’t just about pizza. All kinds of great foods are served up at Pizzeria Basta.

While you are in Boulder CO, you should also make a stop by Fiske Planetarium. It is located on Regent Drive at Kittredge Loop. Black Holes is one of the best shows according to the reviews, and you can go to the planetarium for special events, too. Let’s say that you have your telescope, and you are about to enjoy an astronomical event in your backyard. You can also go to the planetarium and enjoy it, too. That is cool that they make themselves available to the public for all astronomical events.

Well you have two more places to visit in Colorado and a couple more restaurants to try as well. That should help you have a much better time while you are in Boulder. Anything you do in Boulder CO will be fun, and the city is quite beautiful, so prepare for an adventure.